Mantra Gathering -- online ZOOMeet 
Saturdays, 17h-17h40 online
Starting March 28th, with Atmagyanam Saraswati from the Bihar School of Yoga. We are currently chanting the Gayatri Mantra for clarity. Donation based from 0-20€, according to your situation.

Chakra Workshop with Atmagyanam Saraswati -- online ZOOMeet
Saturday and Sunday, June 27 & 28 online
15h-17h (CET), 50€*
Atma, from the Bihar School of Yoga, will introduce the constellation created by the chakras (energetic centres), gunas (ayurvedic typographies) and koshas (energetic sheaths) and their interrelated play as it relates to the various personality types. The workshop is for serious students and practitioners who have a basic understanding of yoga philosophy and purposes (Yes! If you have attended my Introduction to Yoga Philosophy, you are welcome). Even for those of us with knowledge of the chakras (perhaps especially for those of us with some knowledge of the chakras), I expect this workshop will be both informative and interesting. (*We can adjust this if you would like to attend but cannot afford.)

Movement Improvisation Workshop -- online and in-person outdoors
Once monthly online and throughout the summer in-person
Movement Artist Ann Moradian and Dance Movement Therapist Corinne Marqhuart-Ott blend yoga and movement improvisation to connect with our embodied being, nourish our hearts and souls, explore and play together.

DayBreak Yoga Retreats -- a summer happening
In person, outdoor, half to full-day retreats less than one hour from Paris.
We gather according to your interest and availability. Requested donation 45-65€


May 1-3, 2020 -- May Day Retreat, Angoulême, France - CANCELLED
Our focus will be on the function and sequencing of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices). This is a great opportunity to create your own practice, or to deepen your understanding as you begin to share your practice with others. Program cost 150€ (not including room, board or transportation). 

August 11-14, 2020 -- Dancing Through Time and SpaceColorado - CANCELLED
Nested in this almost private haven under the dark night skies of the new moon in the Rocky Mountains (about one-hour from Meeker, Colorado), we'll nourish and replenish body, mind and soul. Atmospheric scientist and geologist Scott Denning and yogi and movement artist Ann Moradian join forces once again to offer this exceptional program that combines stargazing (we have timed this to catch the Perseids meteor shower), geology hikes, yoga, breathing and guided movement practices. This is an immersive exploration of the natural world that spans scales from the birth of the universe in deep time, through geological time, to the incoming and outgoing breath of the current moment that sustains each of us. We'll gather this year for shared meals, skillfully prepared for us by our hosts with local organic produce. Depending upon housing options, costs range from $675-$825 (transportation costs are not included). For more information, please click here

May 2021 -- Hungary
Conducted by Ann Moradian and Maria Marin. 

June 2021 -- 2021 Spring Rejuvenation, Paimpol, France -- 4-day retreat

Take this time to 'air out' your body and mind, as we reconnect to water, air, earth, space, and whatever light chooses to be available to us in this charming coastal setting of Brittany. 

February 2022 --
Atacama Desert, Chile, Dancing Through Time and Space
From the birth of the universe, through geological time through to our bodies in motion, movement artist Ann Moradian and atmospheric scientist Scott Denning join forces to explore scales of ecology, from the birth of the universe under the dark night skies of the high desert in Chile, through geological time to biological time and life as we know it through our embodied experience. 


January 12, 2020, 10h00-14h00
Navigating Complexity
Yoga Survival Tools and Tactics for young people and their parents

Saturday, November 30, 2020
Movement Improvisation Workshop
co-led with Dance Movement Therapist Corinne Marqhuart-Ott

September 27 to 29, 2019, Séte, France
Mediterranean Yoga Retreat 
Plunge into a spacious moment. Explore mindfulness in motion with morning and evening Yoga practice, including pranayama (breathing practices), asana (yoga postures), kriya (cleansing practices), mantra (sound), meditation and relaxation in this coastal Mediterranean haven.

June 21-23, 2019
Emerging Pathways Within Somatic Movement and Dance Education
National Dance Education Organisation
New York City