ShinGaia merges the Japanese word for heart/mind/core with the ancient concept of earth as a living planet
  • We delve beneath surface and appearance to reconnect body-mind-heart-soul, at all levels. 
  • Our practice is based on active engagement in and with the world. 
  • We dedicate our practice to a healthy, thriving planet. 
  • We recognise that not only are we affected by our world and our cultural inheritance, we also influence and affect them, contributing to the creation of the 'reality' we experience. 
  • We call on all tools available to us -- including the wisdom of the body, the intelligence of the intellect, our capacity to care and connect -- to help us navigate our lives, even in the midst of paradox and contradiction. 
  • As we establish healthy patterns and embrace our power of conscious choice-making, we embrace our lives in the spirit of sacred adventure -- as living works of Art. 
    Based on traditional Integral Yoga, ShinGaia Yoga is an integrated and embodied practice of karma yoga, influenced by dance, somatics, the martial and energy arts, and systems thinking. 

    Ann Moradian

    ANN MORADIAN (ShinGaia founder) is a movement artist, teacher, writer and director. She began sharing her practice (teaching) yoga in 1993, after studying yoga daily for over 10 years in New York. Founded on a 40-year career as a dancer and choreographer, Ms. Moradian's vision and approach has been strongly influenced by the teaching of Eric Beeler (yoga), Fritjof Capra (Systems Thinking), her undergraduate studies of Art in Society at New York University's Gallatin program (where she graduated magna cum laude in 1991), and a 10-year immersion in the martial arts practice of Aikido and Kinomichi in Paris, where she currently lives. Before moving to Paris in 2002, Ms. Moradian lived in India for six years. 

    Ann Moradian received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in Integral Yoga at the Centre du Yoga de Marais in Paris, and a 300-hour Certification in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs from Alison Trewala in the UK. She was voted Best Yoga in Paris in 2016 by Expatriate Magazine.