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LOUI'S LIST - Ethical and Sustainable Consumption

Choose Sustainability 
During the confinement there has been a question being pondered by many:  What can I do about climate change?
- The ultimate choice is by minimising consumption, zero waste practices and recycling. - We can begin by making daily choices that support our health and an ethical lifestyle.  - We can support our local industries and artisans.  - We can transition to a better life while respecting our planet. 
Loui Franke has kindly gathered together this information and organised this page to assist us in reaching our personal goals to be part of the world community focusing on ethical and sustainable lifestyles. We are still gathering information and sites and encourage your participation in adding to what we have documented. (See contact information below.) Thank you Loui! This is great!

RECYLING / SECOND-HAND STORES:  Le Mouvement EmmaĆ¼s was founded in 1901. There are numerous ones in Paris and they can be found throughout France. Treasures abound whether it…