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Movement Improvisation Workshop

© Moradian and Vanagas. with Ann Moradian and Corinne Ott Saturday, November 30th from 3-6:30pm Tenri Cultural Center, 8-12 rue Bertin PoirĂ©e (downstairs), Paris 75001 Participation: 35 euros (sliding scale available if needed) No dance experience necessary, just a willingness to move, explore, connect, and enjoy!  The workshop will be blending elements from yoga, movement improvisation, and dance as a way to explore our relationship with our own body/ being/ self, with our environment, and with each other.  Ann and Corinne believe that we can and do naturally develop our capacity to respond creatively and constructively to the unknown and 'the other' by becoming more comfortable with the natural feedback of our embodied experience, and extending this comfort zone through movement improvisation. We find, over time, that this type of responsivity carries over into our lives so that we begin to 'dance' creatively with our world. It is a way, in eff

Navigating Complexity

Navigating Complexity for young adults  for teenagers for parents Sunday, January 12th from 14h00-18h00 This 4-hour workshop offers some basic  and practical  'Survival Tools' to help  manage stress and emotions,  feel more steady and clear in mind, and live more  comfortably  in our skin.  In addition to yoga practices, postures and techniques  for managing stress and soothing the nervous system,  we'll be exploring some questions, like:  How do we navigate the complexity and contradictions that are knotted into the daily interactions of our lives?   How do we even begin to see the threads that are in play?  And then, how do we negotiate between the sometimes contradictory needs between self and other?  How do we make choices we can not only live with, but feel right with?  It can be complicated,  but it is not impossible. It might even be more manageable than you think!  This workshop is being offered this January for parents, young