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Dancing Through Time and Space - SAVE THE DATE

Two opportunities to join Scott Denning and Ann Moradian for this unique 4-day retreat: May 2022 in central France (the new moon is on May 30th, on either the weekend before or after -- let us know your preference!) July 2022 in the Snowy Range of Wyoming  (the new moon on July 28th, so either the weekend before or after -- let us know your preference!) Atmospheric scientist and avid stargazer Scott Denning and movement artist and systems thinker Ann Moradian join forces once again, creating a unique retreat experience that threads the birth of the stars, earth, life and humankind together into an experience of being human now, together, in the felt and conscious experience of our miraculous bodies.  We will walk and hike through these distinct landscapes, let our minds soar into the dark night skies, and dive into the experience of our animate bodies through structured explorations, daily yoga, mindful movement and breathing practices to unite awareness with the body's feedback an