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Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!  is a 30-minute pre-recorded online practice using breath to cleanse, clarify, calm, unknot tension, and align body, mind, heart and soul.  Series 1: Calming  (four 30-minute classes) Series 2: Unknotting  (four 30-minute classes) Series 3: Cleansing  (four 30-minute classes) Series 4: Deepening  (four 30-minute classes) Just Breathe!   is organised in series format, with 4 sessions per series. Each series follows a gentle progression, exploring the many facets and functions of the breath, and incorporating pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), mudras (gestures) and mantra (sounding and chanting). Soaring . Photo (c) Ann Moradian. For more information and registration,  Contact Ann at shingaiayoga(at)  Cost: 40€ per series