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Yoga Retreat: The Body's Wisdom, May 22-24, 2021

May 22-24, 2021 We'll be staying at  Atelier des Sources  in the charming village of Angles-sur-Anglin near Châtellerault, south of the Loire Valley. It is listed among the most beautiful villages in France, and I have been trying to get to this particular venue for the past two years!  With 100m2 studio space to practice in, and outdoor areas as well, we'll have plenty of time and space to breathe, move, and connect -- all, I trust, with enough social distance to feel relaxed and safe together as we step out of our long confinement period.   I would like to focus our work on the body's intelligence, feedback and ways of knowing as the internal guidance system they are, including not only the mind and heart, but also the gut and the skin. We'll have lots of open space and time to unwind independently or in company, as you feel it in the moment. The best pricing I could manage for  private rooms is 385€/per person . If you would like to  bring a friend and share a room w

Sunday 'Light' - Yoga & Movement Workshop in St. Cloud

Yoga and Movement Workshop led by Ann Moradian & Corinne Ott May 9, 2021, 14:00-17:00 in Saint-Cloud This is an invitation to come together in person in a small group (8 maximum), as we have not for a long time, for the joy and pleasure of moving together. This 3-hour workshop integrates yoga and movement exploration to ease us back into our bodies, back together, and a little closer to nature. In English et en français. For those who can, please stay on for a picnic afterwards. 60€. Photo  © Corinne Ott. Ann Moradian , M.A. Dance Education, 200-ERYT, movement artist and researcher  (Director, Perspectives In Motion/ Founder, ShinGaia Yoga) Corinne Ott , M.A. Dance Movement Therapist, 200-RYT yoga (Professor of Dance Movement Therapy at Université Sorbonne-Descartes,  92Y Harkness Dance Center New York, Centre National de Danse Thérapie Montréal)