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Wishing Everyone Health, Wholeness and Prosperity in the New Year! ॐ

New Year Dedication Practice  (with Ann Moradian) a clearing and cleaning out of old, toxic material (mental, emotional and physical), reconnecting to source and purpose, and aligning to embody our own best becoming in 2018 10h-13h30, January 13, 2018 (Saturday) 55€, pre-registration required Introduction to ShinGaia Yoga  (with Ann Moradian) in Paris at Paris Yoga Shala (M° George V) 19h-21h00, January 20, 2018 (Saturday) gratuit (free), pre-registration required


Welcome /  Bienvenue !  ShinGaia   merges the Japanese word for  heart/mind/core  with the ancient concept of  earth as a living system .  Version française    ShinGaia  combine le mot japonais signifiant  cœur / esprit / noyau  avec la notion ancienne de la Terre en tant que  système  vivante .  Nous explorons sous les surfaces des apparences pour harmoniser et unifier le corps, l’esprit, le cœur et l’âme. Notre pratique est une étude dynamique d’engagement dans et avec le monde. Nous dédions notre pratique à une planète saine et florissante. Nous reconnaissons que nous sommes influencés par notre Monde et notre patrimoine culturel, et que nous les influençons en retour, contribuant ainsi à la réalité que nous vivons. Nous faisons appel à tous les outils qui nous sont disponibles — dont la sagesse du corps, l’intelligence, notre aptitude à aimer — pour faciliter notre parcours à travers notre environnement, y compris dans le paradoxe ou la contradiction. Nous donnons le meilleur de

Class descriptions

Integral Hatha Yoga  – Aimed toward managing the mind through meditative practice of  asana  (physical postures),  pranayama  (breathing practices), dharana (concentration),  pratyahara  (quieting of the senses) and dhyana (meditation), it may also include  mantra  (chanting) and  netyavyamam  (eye exercises). Hatha Yoga balances both the generative and receptive energies of the body-mind, and encourages stability and ease in all that we do.  Hatha Flow  – Embracing all aspects of Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow  moves through traditional yoga postures fluidly from one position to the next, incorporating breath into a moving practice. This dynamic approach can be excellent for balancing strength, stability and ease, while improving joint health and agility. While  Hatha Flow  tends to be gentler than  Vinyasa  styles (which tend toward the athletic), it remains dynamic and toning.  PranaStretch - This approach is based on the teaching of Eric Beeler, and is the foundational practice info

The Wheel of Yoga (What is Yoga?)

Yoga is “the stilling of the whirling of the mind.” The word yoga comes from the root word, yuj (Sanskrit), meaning union , or to yoke . Yoga is often defined as union, and in a physical practice, we begin by uniting the attention and the breath in the body. Georg Feuerstein’s Wheel of Yoga (from The Yoga Tradition ) illustrates the many paths of yoga (the spokes), with the shared outer hub of the yamas and niyamas (the ethical practices), and the common aim depicted by the inner wheels of samadhi (enstasy) and transcendence of the "egotropic" consciousness to realise the Self. The Wheel of Yoga, from Georg Feuerstein's The Yoga Tradition . All physical yoga practices, most popular in the west, fall under the category of Hatha Yoga . Common names for yoga (like Integral Yoga , Vinyasa Yoga , Iyengar Yoga , Kundalini , Bikram , ShinGaia Yoga , etc.) are different schools or approaches to yoga within the larger genre of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga –

Purnahuti Mantra

Mumbai Lights. Photo  ©  Ann Moradian.   Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavashishyate Om shanti, shanti, shanti That is whole. This is whole. From the whole, the whole becomes manifest. From the whole, if the whole is negated, what remains is again the whole. Cela est infini. Ceci est infini De l'infini est apparu l'infini. En prenant l'infini de l'infini,  il demeure comme le seul infini. Il demeure le même,  même si l'infini est apparu à parti de lui.

Interview: Ann Moradian - Yoga on the Wild Atlantic Way

Ann Moradian:  "How do you bring the sacred space of your being with you everywhere you go, so that no matter where you are in your life that’s always with you, and that just becomes ordinary...  exquisitely, deeply, humanly, beautifully ordinary – wholeness . I think my aim is the wholeness, more than anything that would necessarily be visible..."