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May 1st weekend Retreat in Angoulème, in southwestern France - cancelled

May 1-3, 2020 I'd like to propose that we focus this weekend's practice on the functions and sequencing of asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices). Having the luxury of time over this long holiday weekend will give me the opportunity to work with each of you, whether you wish to dive into your practice with more knowledge, to create your own home practice, or are beginning to share your practice with others. Even very experienced students are often astonished at how much more there is to learn and know from the ancient tradition of yoga! A small group of we Parisians who participated in last year's retreat were delighted with how thoroughly delicious the local fare in old town was, and are looking forward to returning. Please let me know if you would like to join us. There are a limited number of rooms available on site (both shared and private) in this charming old mansion in the oldest and most charming part of town, but you are also welcome to

Movement Improvisation Retreat - rescheduling for 2021

© Moradian and Vanagas. April 24-26, 2020 co-led by Ann Moradian and Corinne Ott near the Loire Valley, south of Tours      No experience necessary!               Just a willingness to                  move                   explore                      connect                          and enjoy!  This movement practice blends elements from yoga, movement improvisation and dance, as a way to explore our relationship with our own body/ being/ self, with our environment, and with each other.  We'll be nested in a charming retreat centre (that looks a bit like heaven) with fresh organic vegetarian food prepared for us daily. All rooms are shared with single beds. We hope this cosy housing arrangement will make this retreat even more meaningful.  We believe that we can and do naturally develop our capacity to respond creatively and constructively to the unforeseeable and 'the other' by becoming more comfortable with the natural f

Dancing Through Time and Space under the Perseids Meteor Shower - cancelled

August 11-15, 2020 Ute Lodge, Colorado Nourishing body, mind and soul with dark night sky stargazing, geology hikes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, daily yoga, breathing practices and guided movement...   Atmospheric scientist and geologist Scott Denning and yogi and movement artist Ann Moradian join forces once again to offer this exceptional 5-day retreat that combines stargazing (we have timed this to catch the annual Perseids meteor shower), geology hikes, yoga, breathing and guided movement practices.  T his is an immersive exploration of the natural world that spans scales f rom the birth of the universe in deep time, through geological time, to the incoming and outgoing  breath  of the current moment that sustains each of us .  Nested in this almost private haven under the dark night skies of the new moon in the Rocky Mountains (about one-hour from Meeker, Colorado), we'll nourish and replenish body, mind and soul. T his year, we have the luxury of shared meals, skil