Welcome /  Bienvenue !  ShinGaia   merges the Japanese word for  heart/mind/core  with the ancient concept of  earth as a living system .  Version française    ShinGaia  combine le mot japonais signifiant  cœur / esprit / noyau  avec la notion ancienne de la Terre en tant que  système  vivante .  Nous explorons sous les surfaces des apparences pour harmoniser et unifier le corps, l’esprit, le cœur et l’âme. Notre pratique est une étude dynamique d’engagement dans et avec le monde. Nous dédions notre pratique à une planète saine et florissante. Nous reconnaissons que nous sommes influencés par notre Monde et notre patrimoine culturel, et que nous les influençons en retour, contribuant ainsi à la réalité que nous vivons. Nous faisons appel à tous les outils qui nous sont disponibles — dont la sagesse du corps, l’intelligence, notre aptitude à aimer — pour faciliter notre parcours à travers notre environnement, y compris dans le paradoxe ou la contradiction. Nous donnons le meilleur de

Yoga Retreat in Budapest, 6-9 May

How do we find nourishment in our urban environments? Come with us to Budapest  where we will  explore ways we can nourish body, mind, heart and soul  as we discover this  vibrant and ancient city in the heart of Europe.  We will start the day with tonic morning yoga classes in the lively quarter of Pest near Margaret Bridge. We'll then head out to explore this beautiful and dynamic city,  returning the studio to finish our busy day with a  restorative or candle-light 'chill-out' yoga practice. We will plunge into the soothing water of the ancient Turkish baths, discover the spacious Buda Castle area through a unique meditative walking experience, and of course, enjoy the various culinary delights the town offers (including fine pastry). Moving around and through our environment  will be an integrated part of our discovery. In addition to walking meditation, we plan to practice outdoors on the gorgeous Margaret island if the weather allows, and bike along Danube river, or j

Dancing Through Time and Space - SAVE THE DATE

Two opportunities to join Scott Denning and Ann Moradian for this unique retreat: May 2022 in central France - 4 days May 26-29 July 2022 in the Snowy Range of Wyoming - 5 days July 22-26 or July 27-31 TBA Atmospheric scientist and avid stargazer Scott Denning and movement artist and systems thinker Ann Moradian join forces once again, creating a unique retreat experience that follows the dance of energy through time and space, from the birth of the stars and the planets to the emergence of life and humankind.  We will walk and hike through these distinct landscapes, let our minds soar into the dark night skies, and dive into the experience of our animate bodies through structured explorations, daily yoga, mindful movement and breathing practices to unite awareness with the body's feedback and inherent logic. Participants will experience a broader view of the concept of nature, with a deeply personal sense of dwelling both in one's embodied being, in nature, and in the larger c

Escapade aux Andelys: Retrait de Jour

Dimanche: 3 Octobre  --  la journée (en fonction de la météo) Au programme :  Yoga au bord de la Seine (près de Andelys, une heure de Paris) Pique-nique au Château Gaillard   Balade Méditation et respiration Thé et détente 85€ (hors frais de déjeuner et transport aux Andelys, mais inclus transport locale au Château) Ann will conduct this program in her happily imperfect French! :)

ShinGaia Salon: Feeling Fab and Doing Good with the Clothes You Wear

Sustainable Fashion with Helen Crowley   (online) Feeling Fab & Doing Good with the Clothes You Wear Sunday, October 17, 17h-18h15 Presentation and discussion with Helen Crowley, a conservation biologist turned fashion expert who works with the global luxury group Kerring as the Head of Sustainable Sourcing & Nature Initiative.  Gratuit. Pre-registration is necessary. Contact Ann.

Yoga Retreat October 15-17, 2021 - Autumn in Angoulême

Perched up high on a rocky crag surrounded by the old Ramparts, old town Angoulême is charming and walkable. Loui, whom many of you may know, will be hosting us in her lovely home, right near the old Chateau in the centre of the centre of town. We have two options for this retreat, and your vote will determine which version we opt for:  PROGRAM Option A  (the simple retreat):  280€  ( includes room, board & yoga, excluding Saturday night dinner out) Friday (October 15): 14h-16h - Arrivals 17h-19h - Yoga 20h - Dinner chez Loui  Saturday (October 16):  9h-11h - Yoga  11h30 - Brunch  13h - Free time  17h-19h - Yoga 20h - Dinner on the town  (not included in the pricing) Sunday (October 17): 9h30-11h - Yoga 11h30 - Brunch  Departures at your rhythm of choice OR PROGRAM Option B   (with a day trip):  300€ + actual cost of the day trip we choose  (taxi/car, entry fees) (includes room, board & yoga, excluding Saturday night dinner out) Friday (October 15): 11h - Arrivals  12h30-14h -

Cocooning LIVE - gentle and deep restorative yoga workshops for the Autumn

Slow down, tune-in, sense and align, care and nourish:  yoga and vegetarian lunch chez Ann Sundays: September 12, November 28 and December 19 10h-14h: 10h-12h30 (yoga) and 12h30-14h00 (lunch) 50€ per workshop including lunch (40€ without lunch) Tender Loving Care, photo (c) Mary Anne Williams, 2021.

Yoga Survival Tools

version français Ce cours a été développé à l'origine en réponse au niveau de stress croissant des jeunes. Il vise à développer la résilience et à établir un équilibre sain entre stabilité et agilité, et entre esprit, émotions et corps. Les outils partagés ici ont été rassemblés au cours d'une vie et incluent des postures de yoga, des pratiques de respiration, de relaxation, de méditation et de philosophie. Le programme Yoga Survival Tools comprend 12 heures de pratique sur une période de 6 semaines et se déroule à la fois en groupe et en privé, en ligne et en personne. English version This course was originally developed in response to the increasing stress levels of young people. It aims to develop resilience and establish a healthy balance between stability and agility, and between mind, emotions and body. The tools shared here have been gathered over a lifetime and include yoga postures, breathing practices, relaxation, meditation, and philosophy. The  Yoga Survival Tools  

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

Version français (voir l'anglais en dessous) Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs  s'agit d'un programme de 12 semaines conçu pour responsabiliser les personnes souffrant de lombalgies qui souhaitent améliorer leur confort, leur santé et leur bien-être à long terme. Doux, adapté aux débutants et spécialisé dans les soins du bas du dos, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs a été développé au Royaume-Uni dans le cadre d'un essai de recherche à long terme avec d'excellents résultats. Certaines des conclusions comprennent : 63 % Réduction de la douleur affectant le travail ; Réduction des médicaments contre la douleur ; Améliorations de la santé mentale ; plusieurs améliorations de l'état de santé ; 63% d'amélioration dans la capacité de contrôler/faire face à leur mal de dos par eux-mêmes. Ann Moradian, une ERYT certifiée de 200 heures (professeur de yoga expérimenté et enregistré), et une enseignante certifiée pour Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, dirigera la prochaine série d

Yoga Retreat: The Body's Wisdom, May 22-24, 2021

May 22-24, 2021 We'll be staying at  Atelier des Sources  in the charming village of Angles-sur-Anglin near Châtellerault, south of the Loire Valley. It is listed among the most beautiful villages in France, and I have been trying to get to this particular venue for the past two years!  With 100m2 studio space to practice in, and outdoor areas as well, we'll have plenty of time and space to breathe, move, and connect -- all, I trust, with enough social distance to feel relaxed and safe together as we step out of our long confinement period.   I would like to focus our work on the body's intelligence, feedback and ways of knowing as the internal guidance system they are, including not only the mind and heart, but also the gut and the skin. We'll have lots of open space and time to unwind independently or in company, as you feel it in the moment. The best pricing I could manage for  private rooms is 385€/per person . If you would like to  bring a friend and share a room w

Sunday 'Light' - Yoga & Movement Workshop in St. Cloud

Yoga and Movement Workshop led by Ann Moradian & Corinne Ott May 9, 2021, 14:00-17:00 in Saint-Cloud This is an invitation to come together in person in a small group (8 maximum), as we have not for a long time, for the joy and pleasure of moving together. This 3-hour workshop integrates yoga and movement exploration to ease us back into our bodies, back together, and a little closer to nature. In English et en français. For those who can, please stay on for a picnic afterwards. 60€. Photo  © Corinne Ott. Ann Moradian , M.A. Dance Education, 200-ERYT, movement artist and researcher  (Director, Perspectives In Motion/ Founder, ShinGaia Yoga) Corinne Ott , M.A. Dance Movement Therapist, 200-RYT yoga (Professor of Dance Movement Therapy at Université Sorbonne-Descartes,  92Y Harkness Dance Center New York, Centre National de Danse Thérapie Montréal)  

Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!  is a 30-minute pre-recorded online practice using breath to cleanse, clarify, calm, unknot tension, and align body, mind, heart and soul.  Series 1: Calming  (four 30-minute classes) Series 2: Unknotting  (four 30-minute classes) Series 3: Cleansing  (four 30-minute classes) Series 4: Deepening  (four 30-minute classes) Just Breathe!   is organised in series format, with 4 sessions per series. Each series follows a gentle progression, exploring the many facets and functions of the breath, and incorporating pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), mudras (gestures) and mantra (sounding and chanting). Soaring . Photo (c) Ann Moradian. For more information and registration,  Contact Ann at shingaiayoga(at)  Cost: 40€ per series

Workshop for the New Year (online)

This workshop offers a beautiful moment to come together and unite our energies in honour of, and on behalf of the world we wish to live in. We'll  continue to explore the theme of releasing what is no longer needed, useful or constructive ( aparigraha  or "non-hoarding"), and take time to acknowledge and clear emotional residue and mental clutter from this past (most unusual) year, as we vision forward into 2021 and our shared future.  Saturday, January 2nd 2020 18h-20h30 Paris time / 9:00-11:30am Pacific time / 12:00-2:30pm Eastern time Pre-registration required. Contact Ann at shingaiayoga(at)  Suggested donation €25, but pay as much as you wish, or can. This online workshop is open to everyone, and will include guided meditation, breathing practices, gentle physical yoga postures, deep relaxation, chanting, and time for visioning forward. We will feel and ponder, clarify and reflect, move, breathe and relax into our deepest being and knowing.  Photo © Ann Mo