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Three Questions for a Liveable Future

What questions do you have about our living,  and our living together for a liveable future?  Here are Ann's: Please let Ann know if you would like to share your questions with each other at a ShinGaia Salon in February 2021 (either in-person or online, or a mix of both, depending on how the covid situation is developing at that time).

New Year Resource - Yoga Retreat January 15-17, 2021

We can accommodate a small group for this retreat as we usher in the coming year. In addition to a sweet escape from computer screens, some of the repetitive patterns of our lives, and our habitual environments, this time together will offer an opportunity for each of us to clear out and release what is no longer needed, to embrace life in the magnificent present moment of living, and to consider and confirm what we most value and wish to conserve and nurture in our living forward.  The retreat centre has a 100m2 practice room, with space for 6 people to have their own rooms (most of these with private bathrooms). Vegetarian food is lovingly prepared with homegrown products from our hosts garden, and the venue is set at the edge of the charming historic village of d'Angles sur l'Anglin, 1h30 south of Paris near Ch√Ętellerault. The cost of the retreat is 370€ /person for the weekend (not including sheets & towels).  This covers 2 nights in a private room, including food and f