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Yoga Retreat in Budapest, June 3-6 <-- deferred

This retreat will be rescheduled for a future date. Thank you for your understanding.  How do we find nourishment in our urban environments? Come with us to Budapest  where we will  explore ways we can nourish body, mind, heart and soul  as we discover this  vibrant and ancient city in the heart of Europe.  We will start the day with tonic morning yoga classes in the lively quarter of Pest near Margaret Bridge. We'll then head out to explore this beautiful and dynamic city,  returning the studio to finish our busy day with a  restorative or candle-light 'chill-out' yoga practice. We will plunge into the soothing water of the ancient Turkish baths, discover the spacious Buda Castle area through a unique meditative walking experience, and of course, enjoy the various culinary delights the town offers (including fine pastry). Moving around and through our environment  will be an integrated part of our discovery. In addition to walking meditation, we plan to practice outdoors o