Navigating Complexity - Survival Tools for Daily Life

Ann Moradian, photo by Alex Vanagas
Navigating Complexity for Parents
Thursday, November 8, 2018 (5-hour workshop)
9h00-14h00, Porte Maillot
Course fee €135

Navigating Complexity for Young Adults 
Date, Time & Location TBD (4-hour workshop)
Course fee €120

If you are looking for some 'Survival Tools' to use in your daily life to manage stress, handle the intensity of your life better, this might be just what you are looking for! In addition to yoga practices, postures and techniques for managing stress and soothing the nervous system, we'll be exploring some questions, like: How do we navigate the complexity and contradictions that are knotted into the daily interactions of our lives? How do we even begin to see the threads that are in play? And then how do we negotiate between the sometimes contradictory needs between self and other? How do we make choices we can not only live with, but feel right with? It can be complicated, 
but it is more manageable than you might think!