Retreat in southwest France- May 30 to June 2

Dans le carrefour du coeur : Exploring Anahata Chakra
in Angoulême

During this retreat, we will make time to feel, to observe, to reflect, and to open to the world around us in this ancient and vibrant fortified town, which is positioned at the centre of many convergent pathways.

Using our full-bodied physical yoga practice, meditation, breathing, and sound, we will focus primarily on the energetic heart centre, anahata chakra, exploring: 

     - the depth of its wisdom
     - the reach of its embrace
     - its role as a space for connection, integration and expansion
     - its foundational role in what we think of as our "humanity" 

In addition to the guidance of ShinGaia founder, Ann Moradian, we will be joined by Angouleme Integral Yoga instructor Belisa Evangelista, who will guide the group in a 2-hour workshop introducing the seven primary chakras within the context of our practice of the "sun salutation". 

Please contact Ann for additional information.