Movement Improvisation Retreat

© Moradian and Vanagas.
April 24-26, 2020
co-led by Ann Moradian and Corinne Ott
near the Loire Valley, south of Tours

     No experience necessary! 

             Just a willingness to 
                        and enjoy! 

This movement practice blends elements from yoga, movement improvisation and dance, as a way to explore our relationship with our own body/ being/ self, with our environment, and with each other. 

We'll be nested in a charming retreat centre (that looks a bit like heaven) with fresh organic vegetarian food prepared for us daily. All rooms are shared with single beds. We hope this cosy housing arrangement will make this retreat even more meaningful. 

We believe that we can and do naturally develop our capacity to respond creatively and constructively to the unforeseeable and 'the other' by becoming more comfortable with the natural feedback of our embodied experience, and extending this comfort zone by practicing movement improvisation. In our experience, this ability to respond with ease and creativity, to open and to establish boundaries comfortably, carries over into our lives so that we begin to 'dance' with our world. 

We like to think of this as a way to practice participating in our lives as if it were the work of Art we are engaged in creating. It is fun, and also meaningful. (At least that is what we are aiming for!) 

If this speaks to you at all, please join us! 

The retreat price includes the movement program, food and housing. Transportation is not included.