Chakra Workshop with Atmagyanam Saraswati

June 27 & 28, 2020
Saturday and Sunday
15h-17h CET (Central European Time)

The objectives of this workshop are:

1.  The amalgamation of modern and yogic psychology;
2.  Introduction to the constellation created by the chakras, gunas and koshas;
3.  Their interrelated play which leads to various personality types; and 
4.  An introduction to chakra-guna personality mapping.

The workshop will take a structured approach in assimilating and presenting the experiences of the Masters of Bihar School of Yoga, as well as an introduction to their approach in terms of philosophy, lifestyle and practice. 

This is an "intermediate level" workshop for serious practitioners, students and teachers of yoga who have foundational understanding of what yoga is, its primary aim of achieving Samadhi, its basic history and its basic principles as an integrated lifestyle practice, with psycho-somatic interactions that directly and indirectly affect our energetic centres. It is ideal for those who have already completed their TT-200 hour training and would like to deepen their understanding concerning the chakras. 

"As students and practitioners of yoga we are fortunate that those who have experienced Samadhi have left a trailblazing path for all to safely awaken the coiled serpent  - the Kundalini. In the yoga tradition, it is by awakening the Kundalini and piercing the chakras that we experience our wholeness and true nature." (Atma)

Atmagyanam Saraswati (Ravi Kiran) is a qualified engineer and holds an MBA. He worked in the corporate IT world for many years until he experienced a spiritual awakening that led him to his master, Paramahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati, at the Bihar School of Yoga. He lived with and learned under his Guru in the traditional and ancient Gurukul system where one lives and trains as part of the Guru's family. Here, through the Bihar Yoga Bharati, an institute for yogic sciences affiliated to the BSY, he also obtained his Diploma in Yogic Studies. He received a well-rounded training in practices that aim to achieve a balance between intellect, emotions and actions ("head, heart and hands"), enabling him to unlock the mysteries of the ancient sciences of Tantra and Yoga. He currently teaches as a visiting or guest instructor and conducts workshops in Chakra Sadhana, Tattwa Shuddhi, and Mantra Sadhana, including the practice of Sun Salutation, the science of home (fire rituals), kundalini and kriya yoga -- all taught in the Bihar Yoga tradition.

To reserve your place, please contact 
Ann Moradian, ShinGaia Yoga

*And if you would like to attend but are undergoing financial strain, please contact Ann.