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Choose Sustainability 

During the confinement there has been a question being pondered by many: 
What can I do about climate change? 

- The ultimate choice is by minimising consumption, zero waste practices and recycling.
- We can begin by making daily choices that support our health and an ethical lifestyle. 
- We can support our local industries and artisans. 
- We can transition to a better life while respecting our planet. 

Loui Franke has kindly gathered together this information and organised this page to assist us in reaching our personal goals to be part of the world community focusing on ethical and sustainable lifestyles. We are still gathering information and sites and encourage your participation in adding to what we have documented. (See contact information below.) Thank you Loui! This is great!


Le Mouvement Emmaüs was founded in 1901. There are numerous ones in Paris and they can be found throughout France. Treasures abound whether it be furniture, household goods or wearing apparel. You name it and they will have it. When you are ready to discard something consider making it a donation since what you have may be a treasure to another person. They sometimes will collect furniture donations from your place too.  
Emmaüs France : https://emmaus-france.org 

Tayrona Yoga - Each time you order something at Tayrona Yoga they plant a tree. I love that. They have an extensive selection of all yoga accessories and active yoga wear. 
PrAna - A company built on sustainability offering mats, yoga active wear for men and women and a selection of daywear. They are the first North American apparel brand to produce Fair Trade Certified clothing. 
Manduka -  Offers an eKO Collection that is eco-friendly and their eKO rubber mat is biodegradable and is made from NON Amazon harvested trees. 
Gaiam - Has been committed to sustainable healthy living and has yoga blocks made of 100% all-natural recycled cork. Gaiam: https://www.gaiam.com/collections 
Jade - Another company that is planting trees along with sustainable quality products

Louve Coop - The Park Slope Coop is a well known and successful cooperative in Brooklyn, New York which has opened their own Coop in the 18th arrondissement in Paris modelled on the one in Brooklyn. 
Louve Coop: https://cooplalouve.fr 
La Ruche Qui Dit Oui - It is possible to order organic products directly from around 540 producers (producteurs) outside of Paris. They have pick up sites spread throughout the city. 
La Ruche qui dit oui: https://laruchequiditoui.fr/c/ 
Greenweez - An epicure bio online that offer suggestions on going green, along with a vast number of products that are environmentally friendly, including enfant, beauté, santé, maison and extérieur, with a limited number of products for peinture et bricolage
Juste Bio - an online boutique specialising in bulk organic products (produits vrac). 

Boutique Zero Déchet - General needs for the home (maison), beauté to baby and including basics such as floss, deodorant, washable lingettes and Q-tips made of bamboo. 
Boutique Zéro Déchet: https://www.boutiquezerodechet.com/
AnotherWay - Time to get rid of plastic with reusable wraps with the Bee Wrap. They work and this brand is made in France. They are part of the "1% for the Planet" collective. (*) 
Greenweez - Listed under Nourriture, but they offer so much more including a vast number of products that are environmentally friendly for the enfant, beauté, santé, maison and extérieur, with a limited number of products for peinture et bricolage
La Maison du Zéro Déchet - Created with the concept to protect the environment by eliminating waste, they are a member of Zero Waste France. (**) The boutique is located in the 18th arrondissement in Paris, with over 350 products and offer courses on achieving sustainability. 

Fuseaux de Lavande - All things lavender that make for excellent gifts. Everything is handmade and stocks are limited : Provence Fuseaux de lavande by Elsa Lethal 
Fuseaux de Lavande: https://www.fuseauxdelavande.com 
Les Bleus Pastel des Lectoure - Artisanal boutique making their own dyes in Lectoure, France. They have some clothing items, as well as cosmetics and items for the house
Les Bleus Pastel des Lectoure: https://shop.bleu-de-lectoure.com/fr/12-textile 


Mohair - Two artisanal boutiques where they raise the animals for the mohair and fabricate the items sold. Sweaters and socks are luscious. 
La ferme Frady: https://mohair-lafermefrady.com 
Mohair en Touraine: https://mohairentouraine.fr 
La Gentle Factory - This is a start up that opened in 2013 with all of their clothes made in France. With a name like Gentle Factory, I think they deserve our support. 
La Gentle Factory: https://www.lagentlefactory.com/blog/qui-sommes-nous/ 
Ekyog - A french brand since 2003 that is “biologique and équitable”. All of their textiles are eco-responsible. 
Ekyog: https://www.ekyog.com 
Modetic - Yet another french brand whose clothes and shoes are écologique, équitable and made in France or in Europe. Modetic: https://www.modetic.com 
La Révolution Textile - The “farm to table” concept for clothes such that you can track where the linen was grown to where it was made into clothes. Their linen is a fibre that is 100% éco-résponsable and vegan. 
La Révolution Textile: https://www.larevolutiontextile.com 
SKFK - They have a great website with detailed information on traceability of the fabrication and their commitment to sustainability. 
SKFK: https://www.skfk-ethical-fashion.com/en 
People Tree - A company offering sustainable and fair trade fashion. They are based in the UK and their website gives detailed information on their philosophy and environmental policies. 
People Tree: https://www.peopletree.co.uk 
Atelier Tuffery - Here is a site for bluejeans designed and made in France. Their story begins in 1892 when Célestin Tuffery began creating clothes for workers. This is a family run business over the past 125 years.
Atelier Tuffery: https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/ 
Molli - A luxury clothing site with fabrication in France and Italy. The perfect boutique when you wish to indulge.
Molli: https://www.molli.com 


Giesswein - A new generation of shoes made of wool from a family run business in Austria. They develop and produce their unique fabrics according to high ethical and ecological standards. 
Giesswein: https://en.giesswein.com 
1083 Chausse les femmes et les hommes - For eco-friendly shoes that are made in Romans-sur-Isère, France, check out 1083. They specialise in baskets and sandals for men and women.
1083: https://www.1083.fr/ 
Espadrilles - France is known for espadrille fabrication. Please let us know if we have forgotten someone! 
Payote: https://www.payote.fr 
Ainarak: https://www.ainarak.com 
Le Concept Bhollot: https://www.bhallot.eu/les-espadrilles-et-bhallotines-de-2019/ 
Maison Espadrille: https://www.maisonespadrille.fr 
Arsène: https://www.arsene-shop.com 
Zétoiles: https://espadrilles-zetoiles.fr/ 
Jox & An: https://www.joxandan.com (they make sandals also !!) 
Prodiso Espadrilles de Mauléon: https://www.espadrilles-mauleon.fr/fr/ 
Pantoufles/Slippers - The Charente has the very best pantoufles (slippers), in my opinion. Here are two for you to choose from: 
La pantoufle, à Pépère: https://lapantoufleapepere.fr/en/content/20-history-of-the-charentaise 
La-Botte: https://www.la-botte.com/marques/rondinaud_us.shtml 
Repetto - Everyone’s favorite ballerina made in Saint-Médard-d'Excideuil en Dordogne
Repetto: https://www.repetto.fr 
Arche Shoes and Boots - Another French luxury brand is Arche Shoes and Boots since 1968 and made near Château-Renault (Center-West of France) and famous for their quality of materials. 
Arche: https://www.arche.com/


Laurige - A french company that opened in 1950. In 2008 they were recognised as an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. I love their products. The prices are fair being neither cheap nor expensive and I find the quality top-notch. 
Laurige: https://laurige.com 


Farina - This is an Italian company founded in 1709. 
Farina: https://farina1709.com/fr/12-farina-1709-eau-de-cologne 
Huygens - A French beauty apothecary. They have a full spectrum of beauty products and guarantee that specific proportions of their ingredients are organic. The product content is clearly noted in percentages. 
Huygens: https://www.huygens.fr/en/content/8-our-commitments#charte-bio 


Local book stores must be frequented whenever possible and there are excellent choices in Paris. However, for those wishing to read in a language other than French we are often obliged to seek other options. Amazon can be amazing but any company having more wealth than some countries raises questions. Surely they do NOT need all of the business. 
Small Press Distribution: https://www.spdbooks.org/Products/CategoryCenter.aspx? categoryId=1SP 
Book Depository: https://www.bookdepository.com 
Abe Books: https://www.abebooks.com/books/book-sale-used-new-bestseller-textbooks/ 
Bookshop: https://lithub.com/bookshop-org-hits-1-million-raised-for-independent-bookstores/  A very interesting online retailer that shares a percentage of each purchase with independent bookstores.

RECOMMENDED BLOG, Attitude Organic: 

Attitude Organic - This very informative blog is based in England and so it is in English and many aspects are geared toward the British. However, it offers such an abundance of information that it can easily be your go to site for basic information and suggestions. it is hoped that we will come across one that is similar that is based in France. Attitude Organic offers many suggestions on sustainable fashion to include shoes, clothes, handbags, etc.. They are proposing fashion that is produced in a way that minimises the harm to the environment while respecting the workers and some companies that they propose are taking social actions. Let us put an end to the horrors of modern day slavery in the fashion industry. Together we can. 
Attitude Organic: https://attitudeorganic.com 

Here are sites that Attitude Organic has proposed for clothes: 

Etrican — Bleed — Armedangels — Filippa K — People Tree — Everlane and its Women’s Apparel collection— Hope —Tradlands — Siizu — Knotow — Amour vert (Shop the latest clothing and accessories at Amour Vert!) — Aiayu — Edun — Krochet Kid – Baserange – We are thought – Phil and Lui – Nudie Jeans – Nomads clothing – Know The Origin – Bibico – Thokk Thokk – Mumu Organic – Alma Santa – Here Today-Here Tomorrow – Kitty Ferreira – Gudrun Sjoden – Finisterre – Beaumont Organic – Antiform – Reformation – Elliss – Jeanerica – The Acey – PACT – thredUP – ABLE – Alternative Apparel – Thought Clothing – Kotn – Lindex Sites that Attitude Organic has proposed for shoes : Veja – Allbirds – Nak – St. Agni – Veerah – Atelier Alienor – BANGS – Toms – Fortress of Inca – Oliberté – A Day’s March Sites that Attitude Organic has proposed for active wear : Silou – howies – Outdoor Voices – Share Hope – Cotopaxi – Sundried – Lando Studio Groceries Apparel – PrAna 


Project Drawdown - This is the work of top experts whose mission is to help the world reach "Drawdown;" in other words, the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline. They offer an incredible analysis of which actions are most important to achieving Drawdown, with a great chart that makes this information accessible. 
Zero Waste France - A great site for statistics on the waste being generated. 
https://www.zerowastefrance.org/fr (**) 
1% for the Planet - Businesses giving 1% of the their profits. 
Meating World Needs - Here is an article on the impact of meat consumption on our planet. It is beautifully presented and fascinating. The grafts are brilliant and motivate minimising consumption. In addition to consuming less, we can further reduce fuel consumption for transportation by buying locally. Together our choices can decrease the need for large industrial produced food which is neither good for the animals, the plants or humans. https://meatingworldneeds.squarespace.com 

Milk substitutes - An article published in the Guardian looking at milk substitutes. The winner is the humble oat. 

Loving Birds to DeathWho knew that you can love birds to death? This is a good article on the damage that humans can cause when interfering with nature by trying to help.

Thank you for reading this site and participating in sustainability. If you have contributions please email them to Loui, louifranke(at)yahoo.com or to Ann, shingaiayoga(at)gmail.com