Just Breathe!

Just Breathe! is a 30-minute pre-recorded online practice using breath to cleanse, clarify, calm, unknot tension, and align body, mind, heart and soul. 

Series 1: Calming (four 30-minute classes)

Series 2: Unknotting (four 30-minute classes)

Series 3: Cleansing (four 30-minute classes)

Series 4: Deepening (four 30-minute classes)

Just Breathe! is organised in series format, with 4 sessions per series. Each series follows a gentle progression, exploring the many facets and functions of the breath, and incorporating pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), mudras (gestures) and mantra (sounding and chanting).

Soaring. Photo (c) Ann Moradian.

For more information and registration, 
Contact Ann at shingaiayoga(at)gmail.com 
Cost: 40€ per series