Dancing Through Time and Space Retreats

Movement artist and systems thinker Ann Moradian and atmospheric scientist and avid stargazer Scott Denning join forces once again, creating unique retreat experiences that follow the dance of energy through time and space, from the birth of the stars and the planets to the emergence of life and humankind. 

We have two retreats scheduled this year: 

-- May 26-29, 2022 with Ann in Central France 

-- July 22-26, 2022 with Ann and Scott in the Snowy Mountain Range in Wyoming USA..

We will walk and hike through our landscapes, let our minds soar into the dark night skies, and dive into the experience of our animate bodies through structured and mindful movement explorations, daily yoga, and breathing practices to bring awareness to the body's innate feedback system, and it's inherent logic. Participants will experience a broader view of the concept of nature, with a deeply personal sense of dwelling both in one's embodied being, in nature, and in the larger cosmos. The idea is to bring a felt sense of our place in and as a part of nature, and to explore and experience what it is to be human now, together, in the felt and conscious experience of our miraculous bodies with and in this extraordinary world.

May 26-29, 2022 with Ann in central France - 4 days

This Spring we will be gathering outside of Uzerche in Central France to drink in the miracle of life, the beauty of our planet, the vastness of the universe, and our strange place in it. While we will not have Scott with us for this one -- nor his supremely amazing telescope -- we will enjoy the deep dark and starry night skies that come to this region with the new moon, and we will be connecting with Scott remotely so he can share some of his vast knowledge with us. 

Uzerche: Photo (c) Clarence Leonard

DATES: May 26-29


Program: 220€ / 200€ early-bird option, with registration before April 1st.

Food at cost (we'll pitch in together to manage our food + go out for dinner 1x). 

Shared Rooms: 40€ /person /night

Transport: at cost 

Plus (optional):

-- Lascaux IV visit : at cost (21€ plus transportation)

PROGRAM (subject to change, but to give you an idea of what I am thinking)

Optional early arrivals on May 25th (Wednesday)

16h (and onwards): For those going to Lascaux

May 26th (Thursday)

9h ‘Early Group' departure for Lascaux (optional)

15h ‘Early Group’ return from Lascaux (optional)

15h/16h Arrivals

17h Yoga (unwinding from our travels)

18h30 ‘Deep Time’ lecture (Scott)

20h Dinner and cleanup

22h Meditating under the stars for those who wish

May 27th (Friday)

8h30 Morning yoga and pranayama (Ann)

10h Intro to ‘Systems Thinking’ (Ann)

11h Brunch and clean up

13h Free time

15h Movement Exploration (Ann)

17h ‘Geological Time' lecture (Scott)

19h Dinner prep

20h Dinner and cleanup

21h30 Sandbox/ sharing

May 28th (Saturday)

8h30 Morning yoga and pranayama (Ann)

10h Systems Thinking (Ann)

11h  Brunch (including prep and cleanup)

13h Free time (or a group hike?)

15h Movement Exploration (or group hike?) (Ann)

16h30 Sandbox/ sharing

19h To Uzerche for dinner

May 29th (Sunday)

8h30 Morning yoga and pranayama (Ann)

10h  Systems Thinking (Ann) (or Sandbox/sharing)

11h Brunch (including prep and cleanup)

12h30 Departures

13h30 Late Group’ departure for Slate Quarry (The quarry is closed until summer, sorry!)

18h Second wave of departures 


Nannette and Xavier’s large farmhouse is in St. Ybard, near Uzerche (which is counted among the 100 most beautiful small towns in France). There are many common areas in the house and on the grounds to hang out in, an extensive lawn, a convertible court for tennis, volleyball, etc. (as well as rackets there), and a pool table indoors in the main house. 

Option 1:  Shared room - 40€/ night/ person.

Option 2:  Pitch a tent - 15€/ night/person.

Option 3:  Find an AirBnB or hotel nearby. 


Nannette's place is in St. Ybard, just a short drive from Uzerche. Taxis or pick-ups will need to be organized in advance. (Uzerche is a small town with two taxis total! :-) 

July 22-26 2022 with Ann and Scott in the Snowy Range of Wyoming - 5 days

Scott has invited us to come and join him by his cabin in the high mountains and dark skies. We'll  spend a couple of days roughing it there, and a couple of nights in the nearby town so we can shower and reconnect to our creature comforts. More details soon!

Contact Ann for more information at shingaiayoga(at)gmail.com