Yoga Retreat in Budapest, June 3-6 <-- deferred

This retreat will be rescheduled for a future date. Thank you for your understanding. 

How do we find nourishment in our urban environments?

Come with us to Budapest where we will 
explore ways we can nourish body, mind, heart and soul 
as we discover this vibrant and ancient city in the heart of Europe. 

We will start the day with tonic morning yoga classes in the lively quarter of Pest near Margaret Bridge. We'll then head out to explore this beautiful and dynamic city, returning the studio to finish our busy day with a restorative or candle-light 'chill-out' yoga practice.

We will plunge into the soothing water of the ancient Turkish baths, discover the spacious Buda Castle area through a unique meditative walking experience, and of course, enjoy the various culinary delights the town offers (including fine pastry).

Moving around and through our environment 

will be an integrated part of our discovery.

In addition to walking meditation, we plan to practice outdoors on the gorgeous Margaret island if the weather allows, and bike along Danube river, or jump on a tram as we savour the city’s view.

This weekend will begin with an evening yoga practice on June 3rd and include a morning practice on June 6th. Conducted in English, and French as needed, our program will allow free time for you to discover other parts of the city, or different nourishments if you wish (like the fun and lively "ruin bars" in Pest). 

This is a non-residential workshop, and you will need to organise your own accommodation. We have a list of some places to stay in Budapest, and there are plenty of airbnb's, hotels and hostels nearby and you will find numerous restaurants and cafés throughout the city for your culinary delight.The yoga studio we will be meeting at is at 1136 Budapest, Tàtra utca 5/B.

Cost: 260€*

Early-bird option: 220€* if you register with a friend or as a couple by April 1st.

Your reservation is valid on receipt of 100€ deposit. 

Deposits are non-refundable except in the case of major sanitary changes or covid. 

This price includes

- 12 hours studio & an outdoor yoga class (weather dependent)

- Guided meditation around the Buda Castle

- Rudas Bath experience with the group

*Transport, food and housing are not included

For more information, contact:

Ann Moradian: shingaiayoga(at)

Maria N. Marin: nadasdi-marin(at)

This retreat will be Co-led by Ann Moradian and Maria Nadasdi-Marin (native to Budapest).

Ann Moradian is a certified yoga teacher (Integral Hatha Yoga), movement artist, researcher and educator with a passion for systems thinking and promoting healthy ecologies. Originally a dancer and choreographer, Ann has been teaching yoga since 1993, helping people connect to and honour their body's inherent (and magnificent) feedback system for coherence between mind, body, heart and soul.

Photo (c) by Alex Vanagas.

Maria N. Marin is a certified yoga teacher (Integral Hatha Yoga) with a passion for free movement and meditative dance. She has taught yoga since 2009, inviting participants to focus on and unite their breath with movement. Her intention is to adapt the practice to the practitioner through deep connection to their body. Maria integrates her training in free movement, Anna Halprin's Life Art Process, and meditation into her guidance.

Photo by Alex Vanagas for EFV Labs.