December 2021
'Dancing With Complexity: Fear and Trembling'
The Journal of Performance and Mindfulness, open access
The University of Huddersfield Press

September 2021
'Human Ecologies and Conscious Evolution'
Journal of Dance and Somatic Practice, Intellect Books

September 2021
Movement: Conference, Paris
Workshop-Presentation with Corinne Marqhuart-Ott

December 2020
Missing In Action: Locating the Body in Interdisciplinary Studies
Thesis, Masters in Dance Education program at University of Northern Colorado
Available online here

October 14-25, 2020
The Embodiment Conference 2020 - on the Ecology Channel (online)
Interview with Humberto Maturana
Interview with Ximena Davila
Presentation by Ann Moradian on October 16th, 11am CET
(transcript available on request)

October 15-18, 2020
American Dance Therapy Association Conference (online)
Workshop-Presentation with Corinne Marqhuart-Ott

October 10- 11, 2020
East-West Somatics Conference (online)
Paper Presentation - Improvisation: Dancing With Complexity (Fear and Trembling)
(paper available on request)

Columbia Global Centre for Imagination, Paris
Panel Discussion: "Dancing-Moving-Knowing"
with Hiie Sauma, Lynn Brooks, and Kiko Mora
(transcript available on request)

Springer's International Handbook on ChildhoodNature
"ChildhoodNature in Motion: The Ground for Learning" (chapter with Martha Eddy)
(available online here)