September 2022
Movement, Paris
Conference workshop-presentation with Corinne Marqhuart-Ott at the Sorbonne University

TBA 2022
Somatika Festival, Prague

February 2022 (in press)
'Human Ecologies and Conscious Evolution'
The Journal of Dance and Somatic Practice, Intellect Books

November 19-21, 2021
Body IQ Festival, Berlin
Workshop-presentation: Cultures of Fear: The Double Bind and Systemic Health

November 14, 2021
ShinGaia Salon: Dr. Scott Denning (online)
Questions on Climate Change with Atmospheric Scientist Scott Denning
This is a pre-recorded interview of Scott Denning by Ann Moradian. Scott joins us for a Q&A. 

October 17, 2021

ShinGaia Salon: Dr. Helen Crowley (online)

Sustainable Fashion: Feeling Fab & Doing Good with the Clothes You Wear

Presentation and discussion with Helen Crowley, a conservation biologist turned fashion expert who works with the global luxury group Kerring as the Head of Sustainable Sourcing & Nature Initiative.

September 30, 2021
'Dancing With Complexity: Fear and Trembling'
The Journal of Performance and Mindfulness, open access here
The University of Huddersfield Press

December 2020
'Missing In Action: Locating the Body in Interdisciplinary Studies'
Thesis, Masters in Dance Education program at University of Northern Colorado
Available online here

October 14-25, 2020
The Embodiment Conference 2020 - on the Ecology Channel (online)
Presentation: Human Ecologies and Systemic Health (transcript available on request), 
and also 
An interview with Humberto Maturana
An interview with Ximena Davila

October 15-18, 2020
American Dance Therapy Association Conference (online)
Workshop-Presentation with Corinne Marquart-Ott

October 10- 11, 2020
East-West Somatics Conference 
Paper Presentation - Improvisation: Dancing With Complexity (Fear and Trembling)
(paper available on request)

Columbia Global Centre for Imagination, Paris
Panel Discussion: Dancing-Moving-Knowing
with Hiie Sauma, Lynn Brooks, and Kiko Mora
(transcript available on request)

Springer's International Handbook on ChildhoodNature
"ChildhoodNature in Motion: The Ground for Learning" (chapter with Martha Eddy)
(available online here)