Classes recommence January 11, 2020 - ONLINE

Class schedule

19h30 to 21h00
Hatha Flow
(Level II)
starting January 11th
Thursday lunchtime
12h15 to 13h15
Hatha Flow 
(all levels) 
starting January 21st
early evening
17h30 to 18h30
Sweet Friday
(all levels)
starting February 5th (please verify)
Sunday evening
17h00 to 18h00Introduction to Integral
Hatha Yoga
4-week session
March 7, 14, 21, 28

Private Yoga Classes (online or in-person) are available this season. 

Private Embodied Coaching (online) working with the body's intelligence and deep wisdom for body-mind wholeness, personal clarity, transformation and thriving.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS (to register, contact Ann): 

At the Intersection of the Heart - online live, in English  
February 13, 2021 (Saturday)
10h-12h30 CET (to be confirmed)
The energetic heart centre, anahata chakra, is a unique space in each of us where we can locate both the material and spiritual, the animal and soul, earth and sky, the finite and the infinite. This workshop integrates breath, yoga postures, sound and guided meditation to cleanse and replenish, to release blockages and to open to the infinite nourishment that is always available through this energetic centre and our breath. Si vous préférez d’assister ce stages en français, c’est aussi possible (les dates ne sont pas encore determiner).

Reading the Body - The Mahabharata - Paris live, in English
April 8, 2021 (Thursday)
13h-17h CET
A literary salon informed by the breath and cellular wisdom. Ann Moradian and Toby Brothers join forces to explore excerpts from The Mahabharata, a classic epic from India that raises eternal questions about violence, honour, and how to honour our dharma (duty or right path) through the living of our lives.

Walk Gently - Prague live, in English
May 1, 2021
Part of the somatika festival, co-taught with Corinne Ott

Details yet to be announced:

Creating Your Own Practice - online live, in English
During this workshop, each participant will be creating their own home practice, appropriate to their own personal aims and needs. We will will look at the different types of yoga postures and practices, how they work on the body-mind, the sequencing of one's practice, and how to set reasonable and attainable goals within the constraints of one's life. In addition to the workshop, each student will have one hour of private time with Ann, with an initial 25-minute private meeting to clarify the aims of each student, and a closing 35-minute private session to address any remaining questions, and to clarify or refine the practice developed. Si vous préférez d’assister ce stages en français, c’est aussi possible (les dates ne sont pas encore determiner). 

Yoga Survival Tools for Teenagers - online live, in English
This course is designed to give teenagers and young people tools to help manage stress and anxiety; harness their focus and concentration; relax, replenish and re-energize; develop confidence and core strength; handle emotions better; make healthy choices for themselves; relieve lower back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders; increase flexibility. (Dates yet to be announced.)

Past programs

2021 - Yoga Workshop for the New Year - online live, in English
January 2, 2021 (Saturday)
18h-20h30h CET
A focused practice to clear and clean out of old, toxic material (mental, emotional, physical, and habitual), reconnecting to source and purpose, and aligning to new patterns of living that support life and embody our own best becoming. This workshop blends gentle postures, breathing practices, meditation, and some chanting. 

2021 - Winter Solstice Workshop - online live, in English
December 21, 2021 (Monday)
19h-21h CET