CLASS SCHEDULE - Autumn 2021

19h15 to 20h45
Hatha Flow
(Level II)
online and in-person

early evening
19h00 to 20h15
Sweet Friday
(all levels)


- Private Yoga Classes (online or in-person) are available this season. 
- Embodied Coaching (online) working with the body's intelligence and deep wisdom for body-mind wholeness, personal clarity, transformation and thriving, these sessions combine yoga and movement practice with time for discussion, inquiry, problem-solving and reflection.


Cocooning LIVE (gentle and deep restorative yoga workshops)

Sundays: September 12, November 28 and December 19

10h-14h: 10h-12h30 (yoga) and 12h30-14h00 (vegetarian lunch chez Moradian)

50€ per workshop including lunch (40€ without lunch)

Escapade aux Andelys: Retrait de Jour, en français

Dimanche: 3 Octobre (to be confirmed), la journée (en fonction de la météo)

Au programme : Yoga au bord de la Seine près de Andelys (une heure de Paris), pique-nique au Château Gaillard, balade, méditation et respiration, thé et détente. 85€ (hors frais de déjeuner et transport aux Andelys, mais inclus transport locale au Château)

Autumn Retreat in Angoulême

October 15-17 (Friday to Sunday)

Contact Ann for more information.

ShinGaia Salon: Sustainable Fashion (online)

Feeling Fab & Doing Good with the Clothes You Wear

Sunday, October xx, 17h30-19h30 (in-person and online) <--

Presentation and discussion with Helen Crowley, a conservation biologist turned fashion expert who works with the global luxury group Kerring as the Head of Sustainable Sourcing & Nature Initiative. Gratuit.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, next group forming
This program is a gentle, beginner-friendly 12-week program designed to help yourself improve long-term comfort, health and well-being. For more details on this research-supported program, please see the YHLB information page, here

May 1, 2021 --> August 2021 --> 
Part of the somatika festival, co-taught with Corinne Ott
In Prague, live. 


Yoga Survival Tools for Teenagers
This course is designed to give teenagers and young people tools to help manage stress and anxiety; harness their focus and concentration; relax, replenish and re-energize; develop confidence and core strength; handle emotions better; make healthy choices for themselves; relieve lower back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders; increase flexibility. 

Creating Your Own Practice
During this workshop, each participant will be creating their own home practice, appropriate to their own personal aims and needs. We will will look at the different types of yoga postures and practices, how they work on the body-mind, the sequencing of one's practice, and how to set reasonable and attainable goals within the constraints of one's life. 

Just Breathe!
Classes in video format, with a number of different series focused on increasing lung capacity, releasing stress, and improving focus and concentration, among others. Each series is comprised of four 30-minute sessions to practice on your own. 

Navigating Complexity
This program is for young adults, but can be organised and geared for adults on request. In addition to yoga practices, postures and techniques for managing stress and soothing the nervous system, we'll be exploring some questions, like: How do we navigate the complexity and contradictions that are knotted into the daily interactions of our lives? How do we even begin to see the threads that are in play? And then, how do we negotiate between the sometimes contradictory needs between self and other? How do we make choices we can not only live with, but feel right with? It can be complicated, but it is not impossible. It might even be more manageable than you think!